basket cases

In 2004, my metalsmithing studies and my love of hardware stores collided with my growing interest in observing and exploring the effects of psychological trauma on the physical body. The result is this series of life-size sculptures.

Using found objects and materials found in hardware stores, and a basket-making technique, these sculptures tell the story of a slow awakening from a long sleep. The making of them is a process that some would describe as tedious, but I prefer to think of it as meditative.

All of the photos on this page are by the amazing Lynn Bohannon.

how bees work (2014)

how bees work

the origin of the world (2013)


it’s not a tumor (2012)

the hunter (2012)

the thing with feathers (2011)

changeling (2010)

dance in the body you have (2009)

wardrobe malfunction (2008)

it was dark, there were teeth (2007)

just don’t  (2007)

what a healthy girl – and such plentiful organs! (2004)