For a long time, I worked with department store mannequins as forms. I padded them out with duct tape and plastic shopping bags to make them look more real. In the end, that wasn’t real enough for me. I asked a friend to help me make a plaster cast of my own torso, and I started building baskets in that shape.

The name of this series is a nod to Anne Lamott’s essay, “A day at the beach with my aunties“. She says:

I had decided I was going to take my thighs and butt with me proudly wherever I went. I decided to treat them as if they were beloved elderly aunties, who did embarrassing things like roll their stockings into tubes around their ankles at the beach, but who I was proud of because they were so great in every important way. We walked along, the aunties and me, to meet Sam and our friends on the beach. I could feel the aunties beaming. They had been in the dark too long.

All of these lovely photos are by Lynn Bohannon.

the burning bridge (2016)


bad signal (2015)


i know what i know (2014)


butterfly soup (2014)