i am

“Eventually, if one goes back, one can see that these disloyalties, as I am calling them, are an essential feature of living, and they stem from the fact that it is disloyal to everything that is not oneself if one is to be oneself.  The most aggressive and therefore the most dangerous words in the languages of the world are to be found in the assertion I AM.”

Donald Winnicott

In August of 2013, I made a postcard every day for 27 days.  Most of them were collages.  I only bought one new magazine for the project.  Most of the images came from magazines or catalogs that were already in the house, or that arrived in the mail during the 27 days.

Each postcard has a title that starts with the words “i am.”  The titles came first, bubbling up from my subconscious in the middle of the night when I would have preferred to be sleeping.  The next day, I would comb through my little pile of magazines for images.

Click on the thumbnail to see the whole card: